Sunday, 24 July 2011

Harem trousers for Niko

I made these trousers with Ottobre's instructions and pattern. The fabric wasn't what it was supposed to be because you simply can't get it here. I haven't even been able to find ribbing anywhere...

Not the best photo I know...

Hopefully I will soon be adding more earrings and bracelets on here. I have ordered a lot of new material and hopefully I will have time to make some as well :) Until then!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Rosalie visited Bahamas

I bought a Didymos wrap called Rosalie. It's a brownish wrap with white and pink and I quite liked it that way but because we have a boy, and because the person I bought it from suggested that it might look nice if dyed with Bahama blue, I decided to have a go so yesterday Rosalie went to the washing machine to visit Bahama Blue.

This is the wrap before

And after

I wasn't really sure about the new colour at first but it is starting to grow on me :)

Mei Tai

I made a mei tai for a friend who had a baby a week ago, I'm still not sure if we're going to give it to her though because mei tai isn't the best of options for a newborn, and also because Dave likes it a lot :D

It's a reversible, one side is of a fabric I bought in Ikea and the other side is denim. The straps are made out of 50/50 cotton linen blend.

And here are some action photos

First with the Ikea side out

and then with denim side out

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wool wrap

I was knitting this wool wrap for months but finally finished it a couple of weeks ago and lanolised it and we've now used it at night time and it works great. And it's so much easier to get on as well rather than the normal pul covers as you can just pull them on (Niko doesn't like to lie on his back at all). It's a bit big but I suppose he will grow into it :D These were made with the Curly Purly soaker pattern.

Nappy wrap

This is the first PUL nappy wrap I've made. It works really well thanks to the leg gussets. I had never used FOE (fold over elastic) before and it was a bit tricky to get the right stretch out of it but I finally succeeded to get more than less the correct stretch :)

Mei Tai

I made my very first Mei Tai baby carrier some weeks ago. It was quite easy to make, I got the instructions from this website: This Mei Tai has got interchangable panel which means that I could have a lot of different looking Mei Tais in one :) So far I've only got one panel, the one on the second photo. Maybe I will make some more in the future, we will see.

This is the Mei Tai without the front panel (on the background you can see my new sewing machine)

And here it is with the panel on it.