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Tuesday, 12 August 2008


No updates for a while again but today I've finally been decorating decos. Some of these I decorated a week or two ago, some were decorated today. I had quite a few decos waiting in my swapping box so I thought I better get them moving. I've still got some left there and I'll try to finish them all in the next three weeks as I'll be on holiday after tomorrow until the end of the month :) Also soon you will see a lot of jewellery here on my blog because I've ordered absolutely loads of material on Ebay. But it won't be for another few weeks yet I think because I still haven't paid for anything as there are still some open auctions for stuff I'm bidding for from the same people and as everything is coming from China, I will probably have to wait a couple weeks until I get them.

Sanrio deco

Sex and the City deco

Cats decoFB

Cats deco

Unthemed decoFB

Favourite TV show

Vintage moviestars deco
Old moviestars deco

Care Bears deco

Mermaid deco

Cats deco

Cats deco

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